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Performer Info

We provide the following equipment for the convenience of all our performers:


  • Behringer X32 (rack/iPad version)

  • DB Technologies 1G2T mains (2)

  • QSC KW Series subs (2)

  • TC Electronic 2x8" bass amp


  • Yamaha C7 grand piano tuned once a month​​

  • Canopus Yaiba 4-piece drum kit plus hi-hat and cymbal stands (no in-house high hats or cymbals included)


  • Shure sm58 (x6)

  • Shure sm57 (x5)

  • Shure PGA181 condenser mic (x2)

  • Shure Beta 52

  • Shure QLXD24/sm58 wireless handheld

  • Sennheiser 604 mic kit (snare and toms)


  • 8 music stands

  • 3 guitar stands​


  • Carvin FDR60 (x3)

  • Behringer di120 active stereo (x4)

We also provide a sound engineer for each performance to help set up, handle the sound check, and monitor sound throughout the performance.​

There is easy access for performers to deliver their equipment and a convenient Green Room for relaxing between sets.

Performer Payment

Effective March 1, 2024, our standard payment is based on a percentage of ticket sales, minus a small retainer taken from total ticket sales.

While we promote all of our shows, we also encourage our performers to promote their shows enthusiastically.   It's a collaborative effort, more tickets sold is better for everyone!

For more information about Performer Payment, please contact Alan Mooney; or 207-831-4311.


Ticket Prices

Effective March 1, 2024, our standard ticket price is $23 purchased online, in advance, and $28 at the door. For certain events, we may set higher prices which will be posted on our website.

For more information about Ticket Prices, please contact Alan Mooney; or 207-831-4311.

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