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Performer Info

We provide the following for the convenience of all our performers:


  • Behringer X32 (rack/iPad version)

  • DB Technologies 1G2T mains (2)

  • QSC KW Series subs (2)

  • TC Electronic 2x8" bass amp


  • Shure sm58 (x6)

  • Shure sm57 (x5)

  • Shure PGA181 condenser mic (x2)

  • Shure Beta 52

  • Shure QLXD24/sm58 wireless handheld

  • Sennheiser 604 mic kit (snare and toms)




  • Carvin FDR60 (x3)

  • Behringer di120 active stereo (x4)


  • Yamaha C7 grand piano

    • Our piano is tuned once a month​

  • Canopus Yaiba 4 piece drum kit plus hi hat and cymbal stands (no in house high hats or cymbals included)




  • 8 music stands

  • 3 guitar stands

We provide a sound engineer for each performance to help set up, handle the sound check and monitor sound throughout the performance.  We make it easy for each performer to concentrate on their performance and entertain our audiences.

We have easy access for performers to deliver their equipment and a convenient Green Room for relaxing between sets.

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