Audience at a Concert

Support Local Live Music

Many of you know Cadenza as a wonderful, high quality performance venue in Freeport, Maine. Since we opened in April 2019 we have hosted over 120 events and entertained thousands of live music fans like you. COVID 19 has changed all of that, in response, we are refining our mission.

Cadenza Community Mission

     "To offer talented musicians an opportunity to share both their talent and their stories with enthusiastic audiences in both a live and virtual setting."


 To accomplish our mission, we have created the Cadenza Community to give you the opportunity to support live music; both the artists who create and perform the music and Cadenza, our exceptional facility where performers can share their music with enthusiastic audiences.  After some of our basic operating costs are covered (see below), at least 70% of the revenue provided by you, as a member of the Cadenza Community will be paid to performers.

Driving our mission is a simple theme - Cadenza Cares …

      Cadenza cares about performers who are struggling due to COVID-19; we want to provide financial and emotional support. As one performer recently said during his performance, “we need this.” Performers need to perform. And performers need to pay their bills.

     Cadenza cares about providing a quality space for performers. Compliance with the COVID guidelines has virtually eliminated our normal sources of revenue such as ticket sales and food and beverage sales. With your help, we can continue to provide that quality space for performers to present the music you love in a Listening Room environment.

     Cadenza cares about costs – our costs are limited to the basics like insurances, licenses, part time event staff, modest rent and bookkeeping. As owners, we do not take any compensation from Cadenza. Our satisfaction comes from seeing our mission be realized.

     Cadenza cares about our live audiences - going forward we will continue to offer the opportunity to see live performances when the performer is comfortable with having a live audience. We will do that as a Listening Room. Ticket sales will be limited, CDC COVID-19 safety guidelines will be strictly adhere to and an intimate, quiet setting to listen to the performer will be encouraged. Recent audiences (generally 10 – 25 people) have enthusiastically endorsed that concept; they come to listen. Our Listening Room ticket prices will be a bit higher than our previous prices.

Please check our  website and our Facebook page for our schedule. We have events on most Fridays and Saturdays.

As a member of the Cadenza Community, you will make a difference, you will support performers throughout Maine and regionally.  Please pick the right level for you and join now!


(1)  Access to previous performances – recordings of our performances will remain on Facebook for two weeks and will then be moved to our exclusive Cadenza Community Library on Patreon. All programs since we started Livestreaming will be the Cadenza Library.

(2)  Cadenza Conversations – these are recorded sessions with selected performers. They all have wonderful stories to tell about their musical careers, their “day jobs”, who they have performed with and on and on. Our first Conversations will be on line in early January.

(3)  We will be recording 2 – 3 songs at HD quality at each performance which will be part of the Cadenza Community Library exclusively available to Cadenza Community member.

(4)  We will be recording activities related to our performances such as sound checks, set up and other activities of interest. These will be exclusively available to Cadenza Community members.