Cadenza Policies

COVID 19 has changed our world.   It has not, however, changed our desire to enjoy live performances by talented people.     Cadenza has been and will again be a popular venue to enjoy live music.    In addition to live streaming all of our shows we have been having live audiences since late June.   Our audiences have been small (generally 10 – 20 people) and complimentary of what we are doing to keep everyone safe.  We will be maintaining these standards which comply with the Maine COVID-19 Prevention Checklist for Performing Arts Venues dated March 5, 2021.

Cadenza Audience Guidelines

  • Limited to 30

  • Advance ticket purchase strongly encouraged

  • Limited tickets sales at the door, maintain distancing

  • Table seating separated by at least 6 feet

  • Masks required when arriving and when not at your table  

  • Dancing is not permitted

  • Entrance and back hall (rest rooms) will be marked for separation and traffic flow management

  • Attendees are expected to self-test before arriving; if any questions are answered yes, please stay home:

    • Do you have a sore throat, cold or flu-like symptoms?

    • Is anyone in your household not feeling well?

    • Have you had contact with anyone who tested positive for COVID-19?

Cadenza Food and Beverages

  • Effective March 12, 2021, our bar will be open for a limited time before each performance.  Current CDC guidelines do not allow food and beverage service during the show.

  • We will open the bar 45 minutes before the show (6:15 for most shows) and close it 5 minutes before show time (6:55 for most shows).

  • We will be serving beer and wine.   Complimentary snacks will also be provided.

  • Limit 2 drinks per person

  • Service will be at the bar, we have screens, please maintain social distancing. 

  • You are welcome to bring your own food.   

Cadenza Environmental Space Considerations

  • HVAC system has been upgraded with MERV 13 filters

  • Plexiglas screens are in use at the bar

  • And we:

    • Clean/disinfect bar before each performance

    • Clean/disinfect tables before each performance

    • Clean/disinfect microphones before each performance

    • Clean/disinfect piano/drums (if used)  before each performance

    • Provide hand sanitizer at entrance

    • Provide hand sanitizer at bar

Cadenza Guidelines for Performers

  • Limited number of performers, spread out on the stage to maintain social distancing

  • Performance limited to one set (about 60 – 75 minutes)

  • All performances will be streamed via Facebook

  • Screens will be used for brass and some woodwind instruments

  • We will maintain 14 feet between performers and audience

  • Performers will wear masks when appropriate.


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