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COVID 19 Cadenza Policies

Updated June 12, 2022

Effective June 17, 2022, proof of vaccination or a negative test is no longer required, and masks are optional. We still strongly recommend getting vaccinated.

COVID 19 has changed our world. However, it has not changed our desire to enjoy live performances by talented people.  Cadenza has been and will continue to be a popular venue to enjoy live music.

In addition to live streaming all our shows, we have welcomed live audiences since late June 2020. Our audiences have been growing and are very complimentary of what we are doing to keep everyone safe. Since January 2021 we have had larger audiences and even a few “sell outs” at more than 40 people!

The CDC guidelines for Maine that took effect May 24, 2021  gave us more flexibility. However, September 2021 brought more CDC recommendations. In October 2021 we decided to require proof of vaccination for all attendees. On January 18, 2022 Freeport implemented a 30-day indoor mask mandate.  The Freeport Town Council voted not to renew that mandate on February 15, 2022. It has been a roller coaster ride! 

Most decisions are still at our discretion, however, and with that in mind, we have tried to be reasonable while being conservative.   Due to the continued decline in COVID cases in Maine and the relaxed standards of venues like Merrill Auditorium, Maine State Music Theatre, Portland Stage, and others we have decided to suspend requiring proof of vaccination.   As we monitor conditions, that may change.   We still strongly encourage vaccination. 

Cadenza Guidelines for Performers

  • Performance limited to one set (about 75-90 minutes)

  • All performances will be Livestreamed via Facebook

  • Performers are not required to wear masks while on stage

  • A reasonable distance is maintained between our performers and audience


Cadenza Audience Guidelines

  • Proof of vaccination is not required

  • Our staff and performers are fully vaccinated

  • Limited to 45 (with some exceptions)

  • Advance ticket purchase is strongly encouraged

  • Limited tickets sales at the door 

  • Table seating spread out, except for household groups

  • Dancing is acceptable, with social distancing encouraged

  • Masks

    • Staff will wear masks

    • Masks are optional for the audience

    • Performers are not required to wear masks while onstage


Attendees are expected to self-test before arriving; if any questions are answered yes, please stay home and enjoy the show on Facebook:

Do or have you or someone in your family:

  • Have a sore throat, cold or flu-like symptoms?

  • Experience a new loss of taste or smell?

  • Tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 7 days?

  • Had contact with anyone who tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 10 days?

  • Been advised to self-quarantine?


Cadenza Food and Beverages

  • Our bar will be open for a limited time before and during each performance

  • We will open the bar 60 minutes before the show (6:00 for most shows) 

  • We will close the bar at the end of the show

  • We will be serving beer and wine 

  • We will be offering food from Brickyard Hollow

    • For your convenience, we will order and serve it

  • We no longer permit bringing your own food or non-alcoholic beverages


Cadenza Environmental Space Considerations

  • HVAC system has been upgraded with MERV 13 filters

  • And we will continue to:

    • Clean/disinfect bar before each performance

    • Clean/disinfect tables before each performance

    • Provide hand sanitizer at entrance

    • Provide hand sanitizer at bar


Mutual respect and cooperation

The pandemic has challenged our society and our civility.   We argue, sometimes intensely, about politics, mandates, climate change, inflation and even what kind of pizza to order!    We ask that you join us at Cadenza to enjoy the performers, relax, comply with our modest requirements and forget the chaos of the pandemic, politics and the world in general for a few hours.   We look forward to your next visit!

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